About Us

Mp3 Volume is first of its kind in the field of mp3 music search. This simple to use website is designed to help all type of music lovers to search mp3 music available across the internet. Its user has a choice to listen that music online before they can download the same so that they can enjoy this later using their music devices or mobile phone.


Points to remember
1. The intention of this website is not to promote illegal music.
2.  We do not host any music file in any format on this server.
3. We also o not support illegal music to be shared on the internet, if we are sharing such music, we are also promoting piracy.
4. We do not store any cookie on this website or track your location.
5. If you use contact form to contact us. remember we do not monitor this website on regular basis so, it may be possible you may get your response very late or some times even will not get any correspondence from us.
6. We also do not store any email information. if use that is also not used to send any type of promotion.

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